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and my philosophy about dance

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I joined the Lindy Hop Craze in 1996 during the Swing Revival but I quit in 2000 when I got married. I returned to my passion in 2010. From Lindy Hop, I branched out to its sister dance west coast swing, then country, and finally ballroom and Latin when I started my dance apprenticeship to become an instructor.  After teaching for 2 studios, I became an independent instructor. In addition to teaching, I managed Braun Hall, one of the Old Texas Dance Halls and event venue. I currently teach from my home-studio and am on the board at Alamo City Swing Revivals where you can find me every Monday night.

Dance is therapeutic and healing, and serves as a medium for many types of personal growth. Most people that come to me for dance lessons are nervous because it is a very vulnerable thing to be seen. But I want to convey to my students that they are not alone in their insecurities. You are safe with me. I am the kind of person who laughs at my mistakes and will be the first to admit I make plenty. In my human-ness, I am patient and encouraging. I love the beginner dancer, and I am perfectly happy teaching and reviewing the same basic steps. The truth is, since dance is an art of communication, the same steps are conversations with different people every time.

It is not my nature to be loud and flamboyant. But I provide a welcoming and easy going atmosphere in my private lessons, my group classes, and on the social floor. The first step in dance is a smile.

Take my hand and dance with me. It'll be fun!

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