Braun Hall:

Dance Venue and Event Center

9721 Braun Rd,

San Antonio, TX 78254


Braun Hall has the best dance flood in town

I teach dance lessons at the historic Braun Hall where I also manage the bi-monthly dances and private events.

Built in 1893, Braun Hall has served as one of the longstanding old Texas Dance Halls.  It is a nondescript white building on the north side of a busy street, and most people who have lived in the area never knew it existed.  Dance halls were once our hubs of community but they have now fallen into the shadows. Rumors said Braun Hall was another casualty of the dying tradition when it closed to the public in Dec. 2015 but it reopened Dec 2017. 

Braun Hall holds line dancing on Friday mornings 9:30-11am. We host 1st and 3rd Saturday night classic country dances from 7:30-11pm with live  music.  6:30pm dance lesson before the band.


We have the best kept dance floor in the city; it is our pride and joy. Unlike most of the Old Dance Halls, Braun Hall has good air conditioning! 

In 2010, Braun Hall was featured in SA News and in 2017, it was mentioned in USA Today regarding the preservation of our historic halls.

Braun Hall is also available to rent for your event.  For more information on Braun Hall, see their website: