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Among other things, Texas boasts something no other place can: Country Dancing. I am a California transplant in Texas, and as such, I never listened to country music growing up, let alone danced country.  In my home town of San Diego, there is only one country dance venue, and they ONLY line dance.  In fact, the more people I meet from other states, even those midwestern cowboy-type regions, I have found that they don't 2-step or partner dance either.  Just line dance.  Here in Texas, specifically San Antonio, we don't line dance.  We do the real thing.  And as a Texan now, I am proud that we not only country dance, but we have both country bars as well as family friendly dance halls.  The bars in town are great, but I personally think the historic Texas Dance Halls are our pride and joy.  In addition to the dance venues within San Antonio proper, I am including the hill country and outlying areas because there are some places worth driving to.  Most places are 18+ but all the old Texas Dance Halls are all ages.


151 Saloon



10169 Westover Hills Blvd

San Antonio, TX 78251

Fri and Sat 9pm Live country music 

COVER: none

​This is a good venue. The medium sized dance floor is concrete. NW side of SA.

Anhalt Dance Hall



2390 Anhalt Road
Spring Branch, TX

COVER: $15 adults, 12 and under free.

Anhalt is a huge dance hall off the beaten trail.  It is a ton of fun and lots of people come, meetup groups, singles, couples, families. $15 adults, 12 and under free.


Braun Hall

Rating: *****

Address: 9721 Braun Rd,

San Antonio, TX 78254

Dances every 1st and 3rd Saturdays. Live band 7:30-11pm.

I teach a free lesson at 6:30pm, followed by country band until 11pm.

Call me to book your own event here.

This old dance hall has a big smooth floor great for dancing, with lots of tables on one side. The bands play classic country.  The crowd is a mix of young and old (although primarily older).  It a great place for meetup groups, couples, families, and friends.  $10 cash only, family friendly. NW side of SA.




Continental Cafe


6300 Fairdale

San Antonio, TX 78218

More info to come. Older generation.



Cooter Browns

Rating: ****

11881 Bandera Road

San Antonio, TX

Wed, Fri, Sat live bands

Fri free dance lessons with Jeremy 7:30-9:30pm

COVER: none

This has a nicely kept medium size dance floor but no one pays attention to dance etiquette so please protect your dance partner from being run into on the floor. Bring your own partner or ask someone to dance.  Friendly and casual with a very Texas feel. Wednesday gets packed.  Fri and Sat are busier.  Thursday is 18+ DJ dance music. NW side of SA.


Country Nights

Rating: ***

12130 Oconnor Rd, 78233

Live music starts 9:30pm. 21+

Friday & Saturday Country

COVER: none

This hole in the wall has a smallish-but-big-enough-sized dance floor but it is concrete.  The patrons are an older crowd and dance with the parties they come with, so it would be wise to bring a partner or group of your own.  The bands are great and there is no cover. NE side of SA.


Cowboys Dance Hall

Rating: ****


3030 NE Loop 410 @ I-35, 78218

Open Wed, Fri, Sat,

Lessons Wed 7p-8:30 Peggy and Fri 7-8:30p Dan


Cowboys is the most well-known and biggest dance venue in San Antonio.  It's huge.  The floor itself is not very well taken care of and they allow drinks on the floor so there are spills. They have a house band.  See schedule because Saturdays and random Fridays, they host concerts and they don't have lessons on those nights. The crowd has a good mix of young to middle-age people until about 10:30 or 11pm when the 18-mid 20's spill in and the older ones retire.  People are friendly and strangers will dance with strangers, so no need to bring a partner.  NE side of SA.


Floores Country Store

Rating ****


14492 Old Bandera Rd, Helotes, TX 78023

Open for dancing Sunday Family Dance 6-10pm

COVER: none

It is actually one of the Old Texas Dance Halls, opened in 1942 with a concrete dance floor and café. With all the tables, the dance floor is pretty small, and you have to maneuver around a couple of poles, and people that don’t understand the flow of traffic. But I love that it is family friendly. My kids don’t dance, but they love to go out back and run around. They host concerts on Fridays and Saturdays…but Sunday evenings are family night with a live band. From 6-10pm, bring your family for food and dancing, all ages welcome. Best if you bring your own dance partner(s).  Be aware they don't play DJed music between sets. NW side of SA.

Gruene Hall

Rating: *****

1281 Gruene Rd
New Braunfels, Texas, TX 78130

Live bands, Fri and Sat, sometimes other days/nights.  Check schedule.

COVER: 0-$ Varies. Often free events. 

One of the old dance halls, this is a place you need to see.  Lots of fun and friendly atmostphere.  But beware, there's no air conditioning so it gets really hot in the summer.  Tuesdays in the summer, they host swing dance lessons prior to Two Tons rockabilly band, free dance (lessons cost $8). Usually all ages, check schedule. Far NE side, north of SA.


Hangin' Tree Saloon


18424 2nd Street

Bracken, Texas  78266

Just outside San Antonio: located 2 miles north of Rolling Oaks Mall off FM 2252

Friday and Saturday: Love music and dancing 8pm-midnight

NW side of SA



Leon Springs Dance Hall

Now closed. A great loss.


Martinez Dance Hall

Rating: *****

7791 FM 1346
San Antonio, TX 78220

Fri 8:00 - 11:30pm

Sun 3:00 - 6:30pm

Wed 7:30 - 10:30pm 

COVER: $10 for 13+, all ages welcome

This old Texas dance hall is large and beautiful and the floor is kept in pristine shape.  Like most of the dance halls, they host bands that play traditional country music good for 2-step.  They also play a lot of waltzes here.  The crowd is mostly senior citizens, but don't let that stop you if you love to dance.  The place gets pretty busy, especially on a Sunday afternoon! East San Antonio



Pardners, Kingsland/Highland Lakes (Buchanan Dam)

Rating ***


15615 E. Hwy 29
Buchanan Dam, Texas, TX 78609

Open: Live band Wed 6-10pm older crowd

and  Fri and Sat nights

Cover: $10

If you are visiting Inks Lake, Longhorn Caverns, or happen to be in the Highland Lakes Area, stop by this little bar.  It has a nice new medium sized dance floor, smooth and well-kept.  It feels like a real country honky tonk, but beware it is smokey. 


Quihi Dance Hall

Rating: *****

Co Rd 4517

Quihi, TX 78861

Open: 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month, live bands, 9pm-1am.

COVER: $10 cash, all ages

This beautiful old Texas dance hall is out in Hondo but worth the drive from San Antonio.  It is large and air conditioned and very well-attended.  They host traditional country bands good for 2-step, swing, and waltz.  It can get pretty crowded, but it has an amazing wholesome atmosphere, made up of families and friends for a good time. Far west from SA.


The Stetson Bar

Rating ****


7350 Tezel Rd
San Antonio, TX 78250

(next door to Billy Bob's Beds)

(disregard band listed on Sundays on their calendar. It is an error since they play till 2am Sat night.)


No Cover

It is a neighborhood bar with a small dance floor. But be aware that they only have music on Friday and Saturday night. The new owners recently upgraded a few things about the place, including a new juke box that you can now hear from the dance floor. The people who frequent the place on Fri and Sat are local regulars.  They crowd is older and the dancers are self-taught couples that do not know about dance floor etiquette and flow of dance traffic. Stetsons is not really the place to ask strangers to dance, but it has a nice cozy, welcoming atmosphere. For the people on the far west side of town, it’s a nice place to go as a couple or a group. Like Thirsty Horse and some other places, most strangers will think you are weird if you ask them to dance. This happens to be one of my favorite little hole-in-the-wall gems for its music, character, and location. NW side of SA.

Tejas Rodeo


401 Obst Road
Bulverde, Texas 78163
(830) 980-2226

Saturdays 9pm Live Music for dancing

COVER: $12 adults, $6 kids 6-12, 5 and under free


Thirsty Horse

Rating: ****


2335 NW Military Hwy., 78231

Open Wed-Sun 8pm-2am, DJ music

Fri & Sat lessons by Ray Santee 7pm

COVER: none, unless otherwise specified, 21+

Centrally located, Thirsty Horse has a pretty large floor, nicely maintained.  They have live bands that usually start around 9:30 or 10. The crowd ranges from 18 to 60. Central side of SA.


Twin Sisters Dance Hall

Rating: *****

6720 Hwy 281 South
Blanco, Texas  78606

Open: 1st Saturdays of the month, and special occasions, 8pm

COVER: $15 cash (I think they take cards too), 11 and under $5

​This old Texas dance hall is out in Blanco but worth the drive from San Antonio.  It is large and air conditioned.  They host traditional country bands good for 2-step, swing, and waltz.  It has a nice wholesome atmosphere, made up of families and friends for a good time.  It's just once a month, so mark your calendars. North from SA.


The Well

Rating: **


5539 UTSA Blvd. 78249

Dancehall: 9:00pm-2:00am Fri and Sat

Saturdays 2-step lesson by Larry 7-8:30pm
The Floor is medium size but sticky.  You can feel the cupping of the floorboards.  They spread dance sand on the floor, so be careful because it is slick in places and sticky in others, making it kind of dangerous and your shoes will end up with sand stuck to the bottom.  They website says there is a cover, but I've never encountered that. N Central side of SA.


Watering Hole

Rating ***


1390 McQueeney Rd
New Braunfels, Texas, TX 78130

Open: Live music for dancing Thurs, Fri and Sat nights

Cover: None

They have a medium size floor, nice for dancing.  Live bands, bring your own partner.  Starting April 2017, they made it a non-smoking venue!  New Braunfels is North East of SA


Wild West

Rating: ***


21025 Encino Commons Blvd,

San Antonio, TX 78258

Thurs-Sat 9:00pm-2:00am


Cover: $

Thurs is Lady's night, and they have Daisy Duke Contests and Bikini Contests and it's their most popular night.  Fridays they often have a dance contest and those with the most tricks and popularity win.  Saturdays are slow with an older crowd, but they play more modern country music and cater to the younger crowd. Nice big circular dance floor but be careful as they permit aerials on the dance floor and people get kicked and hit in the head by inconsiderate dancers.


Outdated, but still good resource:

(210) 290-2130

San Antonio TX United States 78250

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